rosewood phone case
rosewood phone case
rosewood phone case
wood options for wooden phone cases

Wooden Rosewood Phone Case - iPhone/Galaxy Unique Wood Case

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The guys at the shop have done it again! Holtz Millworks now offers wooden phone cases! Take your pick between 11 different beautiful wood choices that have been worked down to a super-thin, precisely shaped backing for a one of a kind phone case. 

Rosewood has been used for years as luxury furniture material as well as the go-to for fine musical instruments. So clearly, we absolutely had to include Rosewood as an option for our phone cases. Though the name implies a red color, the wood grain is typically brown but if you look closely, there are streaks of dark reds and purples in the grain giving it a unique at every angle.

Every single case is going to be a one of a kind! Our responsibly resourced woods show an amazing grain with every pass of the blade. We ensure that your phone will fit the case and that the patterns and characteristics on your phone case are yours and yours alone! Did we mention that they are compatible with wireless chargers?!?



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