Millworks Mini #2: For Those Who Wander...

The Coordinates Stave

We love the Family Name Stave. Absolutely one of our most popular gifts. So when our team suggested that we try these coordinates on for size, we listened! The stave now has an option to get a customized location!


"Oh the places you'll go"

Are you trying to remember that special spot in the woods that you and your person first went camping? Or are you commemorating your new home?

Here are some ideas from our team for coordinate suggestions:

  1. Honeymoon Destination
  2. First Home Address
  3. Favorite Beach Location
  4. Where You Proposed
  5. Where Your Buried Treasure Is Hidden
The staves come from a Jack Daniel's Whiskey Barrel and are processed here at the shop.  Each stave is hand selected and then prepared for the laser engraving team. Once we have your coordinates confirmed, your new conversation piece is on the way! You can order your own here.
Have another suggestion for location choices? Share it with everyone in the comment section below or tag us @holtzmillworks on Instagram to show us how yours looks!



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