Millworks Mini #1: Introducing Barrel Siding!

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel Siding

We are constantly trying to come up with new products for our customers. Continually tinkering and tooling to create something that will strike interest. So when we needed a solution for the chicken coop, the Millworks team got busy and did not disappoint! We’ve taken the same barrel staves that we produce many of our products out of and trimmed it down to unified slats for you to use as siding

DIY - If We Can Do It, So Can You!

 As you can see, anyone can install the siding. We put the boys to work and Uncle Richard helped guide them along the way. Piece by piece, the wall started filling up with siding, revealing a hypnotizing subway tile pattern as each wall was completed.  

We placed a sheet of roofing felt on the walls of the coop so that any gaps that may form would be less obvious. We were able to attach the siding with a 16 gauge nail gun using 1.5 inch nails. Even though these are pre-cut for you, you’ll want to have a saw available to make end pieces fit.


We’ve had so many compliments on our project - most everyone who sees it in person thinks its stone! These siding pieces are a beautiful, truly unique addition to any project or update. We are confident that it will be a great fit for you as well! 

What Our Team Wants to Make

We are obsessed with the siding right now! Everywhere we look, we see some new way that the siding could be utilized. Here’s some of the best dream projects we have heard around the shop:



-Stairwell Accent Wall

-Bar Backing

-Sliding Barn Door Casing

Let us know what projects you’re going to tackle! Tag us on Instagram @holtzmillworks - you may just win a prize! 

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