Houston, we had a problem...

It's not only rockets we launch in the Rocket City!

Can you feel the energy?

The excitement, hope, uncertainty, anticipation, mixed with a fair amount of apprehension? The “WHAT IF” wrestling in the back of my mind…

We aren’t launching manned rockets into space, but this euphoric energy races through our veins every time we launch a new product. It casts its uncertain shadow over our entire business especially the first few hours after sending the initial launch email.

1981 — The crowds await in anticipation for the first Space Shuttle landing. Living in the Rocket City, I thought this would be a fun image to share!



That picture above (c. 1981) is symbolic of the way we feel every time a new product launches. It’s a cool shot of all the people driving into the middle of the desert to watch our first space shuttle actually fly in and land.

A lot of work goes into creating a new product. We have market research, product prototyping, product testing (that’s Coleen’s favorite part), costing, pricing, manufacturing, and finally marketing. Each of these phases takes a lot of thought, time, and hard work. However, the success of the product can usually be determined within 1-2 hours of launching. We will know pretty quickly if the product will soar, be mediocre or just flop.

Our #1 Best Product Launch Ever!


Custom Leather Patch Hat



1. Leather Patch Hat — Instant bestseller!

In fact, Holtz Leather began a new trend in the hat apparel market with the launch of this product. It was a success largely because we brought the product to market first. This was created as a request from a customer and resulted in hundreds of thousands of hat sales and millions of impressions in digital ads.

This is a classic throwback to our first image which exploded our leather hats onto the scene. If I recall correctly, this image had over 100 million impressions. Ben - pictured above - was an early employee of ours and he mentioned that he was often stopped in different cities asking if he was the hat guy!

When Launches...Well...Don't Go According To Plan:




Recently we launched our new Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Phone Case.

Instantly after launch we knew it might become one of our top product launches… However, something began to go wrong in post production.

This is one of those worst case scenarios… selling an enormous amount of product and then finding you have a production problem that wasn’t caught in the product testing phase (in other words Coleen missed something… just kidding). Our wood from the whiskey barrels was starting to curl from moisture problems.

Thanks to our Millworks team for working tirelessly to find a solution and ensure that we sent out a quality product to each and every customer!

Holtz Millworks Production Team

"Houston, we have a problem..."

Coming up:

  • How we FIXED it!
  • The anatomy of a problem
  • And how to solve one!
  • Whiskey barrels explained — Did you know there's an "Angel's Share?"

Below is the stunning product that created so much hype and problem solving skills!



Yes, it's back in stock!


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